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Direct Plumb Espresso Machine | Flojet Installation

Join Tim as he demonstrates how to setup a Flojet system on the LUCCA Direct Plumb A53 espresso machine, and any other direct plumb model espresso machine.

Order the LUCCA Direct Plumb A53 espresso machine here: https://clivecoffee.com/product/lucca-a53-espresso-machine-by-la-spaziale/

For more knowledge on all things espresso check out our blog: https://clivecoffee.com/blogs/learn

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Oliver White : For the Love of God. Please say what JG fitting you used to connect the FloJet to the LUCCA. Is it 3/8 BPT or 3/8 NPT. List the part number is the video description. The video is good but gives no specific details.
Or Schiefer : I'm using a flojet to drive my rotary pump driven machine using a DVA lt8 water softener and I have two questions )
*Should I or should I not turn the flojet off when ever I turn the machine off? I turn it off currently.
*isn't the DVA lt8 water softener an "accumulator tank" as well as a water softener device?

Tnx )
moocino : Hello @Clive Coffee How many drinks would a 5 gallon tank make? I am in the UK starting a mobile coffee cart business and interested to see what size tank I would require!
quest97223 : Does a water bottle system need a filtration system? If so what order would it go in?
eko purnomo : Hai dear,
What is size of tube you use?
r. michael wilensky : Can the flowjet feed enough to go through a BWT filter system?
Lisa Gonzalez : Can you use the same pump connection for the machine and pitcher rinsed?
Johnny Kwok : I have a Lelit Bianca Dual Boiler. Does this work? What additional accessories do I need?
Kindness Alshareef : Is it necessary to have flojet with rotary pump machines?
Own Your Look with Jeremy Daly : can i use a flow jet and make . Y fitting to go to a) my espresso machine and B) my pitcher rinser??

Flojet Portable RV Waste Pump / Macerator | Product Review | Empty Your RV Tanks Easily

Flojet 18555 Portable RV Waste Pump / Macerator | Product Review | Empty your RV Holding Tanks

Flojet Portable Waste Pump / Macerator for RV: https://amzn.to/2MZIpsw
Gilmour Pro Commercial 3/4” hose: https://amzn.to/2PhfduI (this is for 75’ but a 50’ hose is recommended)

Draining your RV Waste Tanks just got a whole lot easier. As RVers, dumping your waste tanks is probably everyone’s least favorable job, and when you’re not at a campsite with a sewer connection (as we have been lately) things can get a bit more complicated. Hence we had to come up with a creative solution, without having to move our RV. We decided to try the Flojet Portable Waste Pump/Macerator and Hose and were impressed with the results – problem solved in under 5 minutes.

The Flojet 18555 Portable RV Waste Pump / Macerator comes in a handy, hard carrying case it to keep the unit safely and compactly stored when not in use. It runs on 12 Volt DC, and cleanly handles both black and grey water from holding tanks with a self priming, powerful macerator pump. This is a great solution for emptying holding tanks on recreational vehicles without the need to use a BlueBoy, or break camp to visit a dump station.

* Run dry protection up to 30 seconds
* Pump housing connects onto the standard three inch waste outlet
* Six foot power leads with plug that may be permanently attached to the vehicle or attach battery clips for complete portability
* Discharge port is a standard garden hose connector and the macerator section grinds waste down to a particle size of 1/8" maximum
* Pump longer distances and empty your holding tanks into a portable tank, toilet, sewer clean-out port or septic tank
* The pump section is self-priming, permitting the unit to be mounted above the tank in a convenient location
* Empties most recirculating toilets in less than 2 minutes; empties a typical 30-gallon holding tank in less than 3 minutes
* Impeller: Jabsco Nitrile Compound
* Motor: 12 V DC Permanent Magnet Type, Fully Enclosed, with Stainless Steel Shaft
* Macerator: Stainless Steel Cutter reduces particlesize to 1/8" (28 mm) maximum
* Seal: Lip Type Port(s): Inlet – 3" (75 mm) RV ConnectorOutlet – Garden Hose – 5/8" minimum

Dimensions: 12" x 13" x 5.5” (carrying case)
Weight: 6 pounds (2.8 kg)

What we like about it:
The Flojet Portable Waste Pump / Macerator exceeded our expectations. We were initially nervous, knowing we were pushing the limits, using a 75’ 3/4” hose to pump our waste uphill (the Floret recommends using a 3/4” inch hose no longer than 50 feet) but we managed to completely dump our blank tank (approx 40-50 gals) in just under 5 minutes.

Note: The 18555-Series waste pump will macerate and pump all waste and tissue normally found in recreational vehicle waste systems. IT WILL NOT HANDLE HARD SOLID OBJECTS, SANITARY NAPKINS OR RAGS.

FLOJET 18555 Portable Waste Pump / Macerator for RV: https://amzn.to/2MZIpsw
Gilmour Pro Commercial 3/4” hose: https://amzn.to/2PhfduI (this is for 75’ but a 50’ hose is recommended)

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jason s : This seems more like an add than a review. For one thing don’t used the word “perfect”. That’s nonsense. No product is perfect. Also seeing is believing. You should have demonstrated the product.
JONAH COFFEY : Can you use this in a permanent setup?
Andrew Johnson : Way to much rambling..
Chomp : Excellent review: concise and informative. A rare gem on YT. Subscribed.
louis williams : After using second time the plastic tabs that tighten valve broke off, would not recommend
Kevin Krenik : unless you are capping the end of the hose....the pressure is probably very low...
Ellen Kincaid : .
Tim B : Good job-- thanks.
crowestar : How does it connect to a portable waste tank?
John Bunting : They need to warn users to make sure that the dump valve is open on the RV before turning on the water to clean out the pump. The water pressure will burst your dump valve.I forgot to open the dump valve on the trailer and when i turned on the water the pressure burst the valve. I had to replace the valve on the trailer.Good thing the dump valve is easy to replace, just 4 screws. The back flush on the pump is mainly to help clean the holding when dumping with the pump not to clean the pump.

connect bottled water to the fridge for ice and drinking

This is my life journey documentation but I decided to share the video with y'all.

What would you do if the fridge is too far from the waterline? It's difficult to cut the wall open and make the connection. A better solution is to use a localized pump. Most importantly, I don't drink tap water and thus I want my ice maker and water to come out from the distilled water. In this video, I talked a bit about the history and the process of hooking up the waterline to the new fridge.
Eric Castillo : Where can I buy these accessories the water pump and the hose connections?
noel amaya : How did you do 20 years ago using gravity instead of the pump?
PHYLLIS COWAN : Yes mines also
N D. : for icemaker only without dispenser, do I still need pump? is gravity enough?
Joseph Bodiford : I also thought of using one of those plastic jugs that you can pump up by hand to dispense insecticides and such, just remove the wand and hook the hose to your water valve. They will maintain a 10-20 lb pressure when pumped up.
Joseph Bodiford : I use gravity in my workshop to supply my fridge ice maker. I have a vented 5 gallon jug on a shelf about a foot higher than the fridge, vented thru an air filter and using 5/8" tubing inplace of 1/4". To correct for lower water pressure, I extended the contact strip in the ice maker timer that opens the water valve nearly tripling the amount of time the valve allows water to fill the tray. Problem solved... Great video!
Jeremiah Shea : nice
F O : Thanks for the video. I don't see any video on how to connect the water filter line to water dispenser. Could you help give some advice on how to do that? Many thanks.
Fong To Freddy : Hi... Can you give me the link to buy this dispenser?
Lee : Informative, usefull and with good technical taste, thank You my friend.




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