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[홀인원 3.03.08] PERT - 일정 계획 방법론

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최희준 교수의 컴퓨터일반(계리직, 전산직) 강의입니다.
홀인원 출판사 출간 교재를 바탕으로 제작된 동영상입니다.
원패스에듀(에 관련 정보가 있습니다.



PERT Vs CPM: Difference between them with definition & Comparison Chart

This video tutorial explains you the difference between Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM). Further in this video, we have also discussed the definition of PERT along with its chart.

Likewise CPM is explained here. the video ends with a comparison chart which explains the difference between the two.

To study the topic further in detail, visit our official website:-




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